Blitz team champions 2022

After a 2-year long Covid-19 break the Blitz team national championship, as usual excellently organized by TSM Schëffleng, is back. Gambit1 (S. Dishman, Maltezeanu, Bjarnason, Bednarich) is national champion, ahead of Differdange1 and Schifflange1. Gambit2 (Basinas, M. Dishman, Vijups, Reiff) narrowly missed the podium, while our youth team (Sterlin, E. Östling, Fohr, C. Östling) gained valuable experience.

Best player prizes on their respective boards were awarded to Steve Dishman (11.5/12), Óskar Bjarnason (11/12) and Pit Reiff (11/12).

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