Grand Prix Series – upcoming tournaments

These are the dates for the upcoming U18 and Open tournaments in the Grand Prix Series:

Monday, 4 December, 18:00: U18 10+0 9 rounds
Monday, 11 December, 19:00: OPEN Christmas edition 3min +2. 9-11 rounds depending on how much time we have. Extra time for U12 players. 
Friday, 15 December, 19:00: U18 10+0 7 rounds
Monday, 18 December, 18:00: U18 Christmas edition

Slight time handicaps in all U18 tournaments for U18 players playing against U12 players.

You can register for the next tournament using one of the following links:

U18 Grand Prix Tournament Gambit Bonnevoie
OPEN Grand Prix Tournament Gambit Bonnevoie

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