Results of first round of Interclubs Championship 2015-2016

The first round of this years Interclubs Championship saw the clash between our two teams playing in the first league. BON I won by a large margin, which have been somewhat narrower had the players of the second team exploited their initiative in some of the games. Only Jacques Lorentz managed to get a draw.

The 3rd and 4th teams, weakened due to the internal clash of the first teams, had no chance against Esch II and III. Only Stefan Maltezeanu managed to win his game. On top of that, due to a misunderstanding, we only aligned four players for BON IV, where it should have been six! When we discovered it, it was too late to correct this. This means that our 5th team in Dudelange was not aligned correctly and therefore all matches will be declared lost. This only happens once … 🙂

You can find the detailed results at the website of the FLDE:

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