Results of second round of Interclubs Championship 2015-2016

The second round brought no fun to our first team, who suffered a painful setback against lower rated Differdange. A few missed opportunities and the willingness to push for a win until the very end backfired heavily. Surely the next match with leading Bieles is worth a season. Our players definitely need to refine their chess skills at the European Chess Club Cup in Skopje, FYROM, 17-25 October (, the Champions league of chess, with the only ambition to survive a deadly clash with giants.

The same was true for our second team: Nikos, Laszlo and Pit did a good job, all the others are sad that they couldn’t manage it in favour of BON II. We are not surprised to see that this season will be very hard for our 2nd team, but we continue in trying to do our best …

Good results for our three “lower” teams. Congratulations especially for the performance of some of our young players: Evangelos, Bob, Matthew and Stefan for BON III , thanks to the whole team of BON IV (with the youngsters Daphne and Aaditya), and finally Boris and in particular Georgia (Zeta) who not only spared us a Forfait but also won for BON V!

You can find the detailed results at the website of the FLDE:

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