Battles on the chessboard in the town of Cervantes’s captivity

The European Chess Club Cup 2019, Ulcinj, Montenegro, 9-16 November, has been dominated by Obiettivo Rinascimento Padova from Italy (GMs Rapport, Adams, Lekó, Vallejo Pons, Šarić, Vocaturo, Brunello, rating average: 2686), ahead of Nový Bor from the Czech Republic and Mednyi Vsadnik from Russia.

The Champions league of chess saw Gambit score in line with expectations, prevailing on the squads from Turkey and Ireland and missing a deserved victory in the last round, which would have propelled our club higher in the final standings. The best representatives from Luxembourg were De Sprenger Echternach on place 33. In the women section, Nona from Georgia (GM Dzagnidze, IM Javakhishvili, GM Batsiashvili, GM Khotenashvili, IM Melia)  clinched the title, with Kyiv Chess Federation from Ukraine and Cercle d’Échecs Monte Carlo on the second and third place, respectively.

Gambit at the ECC 2019 in Montenegro: from left to right, Geoff Stern (team captain), Roberto Visintin, Rytis Virbalis, Steve Dishman, Michael Schwerteck, IM François Godart, Robert McAndrew and Zoran Stanić.

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