Coronavirus spread incoronates Gambit national team champions

The Luxembourg chess federation (FLDE) has decided to truncate the season due to the coronavirus outbreak. Bonnevoie I have been declared Champions based on their 6.5/7 score in the completed first phase of the national championship.
While there is no reason to celebrate in this context, the Club congratulates the players who gave us the second national team champions title in the last 4 years: Jozsef Barta, Óskar Bjarnason (captain), FM Jan Bednarich, FM Carl-Christian Buhr, Steve Dishman, IM Amedeus Eisenbeiser, Slobodan Filipović, Olafur Isberg Hannesson, GM Michael Hoffmann, GM Vitaly Kunin, IM François Godart, Stefan Maltezeanu, FM Andy Maréchal, Ivan Pryvalov, Michael Schwerteck, Zoran Stanić, GM Marko Tratar, Roberto Visintin.
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