WGM Elvira Berend wins the Small Nations Championship 2024

Warmest congratulations to Elvira Berend who just won the Small Nations Women’s Chess Championship 2024!

The 5th European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship and the 2nd European Small Nations Women’s Chess Championship took place from 22 to 30 June Andorra la Vella.

The events were played as 10-player round-robin tournaments with the players representing the following federations: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Faroe Islands, Malta, Guernsey, Monaco, Jersey, and San Marino.

After an intense last round in the Women’s event, WGM Elvira Berend (LUX, 2230) became the sole Winner of the event, scoring 7.5 points. Elvira Berend and WIM Marija Zvereva (MNC, 2040) headed into the last round tying for the top, and Elvira Berend won her last-round game against WFM Filipina Thornton (MLT, 1787), while Marija Zvereva lost against WFM Andrea Henderson De La Fuente (AND, 1966). Winning the final game, Andrea Henderson De La Fuente finished the event with 7 points and claimed silver, and Marija Zvereva came third with the score of 6.5 points.

GM Igor Efimov (MNC, 2312) emerged as the sole winner of the Open Championship scoring 8/9 points. Igor Efimov finished the event without a single loss, ahead of IM Fred Berend (LUX, 2235) who won silver with the score of 7 points. FM Serni Ribera Veganzones (AND, 2341) won bronze medal scoring 6.5 points.

Final rankings of both sections can be found here.

(Source: https://www.europechess.org/gm-igor-efimov-and-wgm-elvira-berend-win-european-small-nations-chess-championships-2024/)

Elvira will also be one of the four players to represent our club in the European Women’s Chess Club Cup 2024 in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia, 19 to 27 October 2024. This will also be a historic first time that our club will play in the women’s section. Good luck!


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